Natural Fabric Art Kit

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Plant dye paints, charcoal, wax resist and hapa zome - create your own original fabric designs using these four absorbing, ancient techniques using nature as your muse.

Offering every child an outdoor experience whatever the weather, this Natural Fabric Art Kit was lovingly designed to capture creative imaginations, encourage resourcefulness and innovation, provide escape and sanctuary, and most of all supply hours and hours of simple fun. For boys and girls, for everywhere and for years to come - the gift of adventure.

What's In The Kit?

  •   The perfect sized, drawstring bag to keep your New Natural Fabric Art Kit components safe. Made from natural jute hessian.
  •     Natural calico cotton banner, with two sewn edges, ready for decoration and display.
  •     2 rectangular pieces of natural calico cotton, with a sewn edge for stick (flag pole) insertion, ready for decorating.
  •     Five mini-flags made from natural calico cotton, prepared and ready for some natural colour.
  •     A metre of natural twine for stringing up your bunting.
  •     A small tin of dried beetroot powder to provide natural red colouring.
  •     A small tin of dried turmeric powder to provide natural yellow colouring.
  •     A small tin of dried spinach powder to provide natural green colouring.
  •     Wide-tipped, wooden handled paintbrush for a paint-wash effect.
  •     Fine-tipped wooden handled paintbrush for use with your natural dye paints.
  •     A rubber and FSC wood mallet - the perfect tool for hapa zome work.
  •     A clear wax crayon to create amazing wax resist designs.
  •     Grind your charcoal to create your very own black pigment.
  •     Our New Natural Fabric Art Kit Guide for hints and tips on how to use your kit.

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